What should be the elements of the Renovation Wave Initiative?

The preparation of the Strategic Communication of the European Commission on the Renovation Wave provides an unmissable opportunity to set an ambitious roadmap towards the achievement of the EU climate goals. That is why, the Renovate Europe Campaign, through “Making the Renovation Wave a Success” document proposes 10 principles, all equally important, to be followed in an innovative, socially just and technologically advanced approach to ensure that early success of the Initiative is achieved.

  1. Application of Energy Efficiency First principles to programme and projects ;
  2. Scale up good practice experiences;
  3. Buildings’ segments-driven obligations towards ambitious energy performance requirements;
  4. Consider ownership structures and consumer segmentation;
  5. Adoption of area-based approach;
  6. Creation or reinforcement and coordination of renovation-focussed agencies in Member State;
  7. Use trigger points in the life of a building to motivate deep energy renovations;
  8. Build more capacity in the buildings sector;
  9. Use individual building renovation passports;
  10. Leverage all available financing tools and instruments.