Op-ed: Croatia’s renovation projects can teach us as much as their football (Euractiv)

Published by Euractiv on: 17 July 2018 | What do Croatia’s football team and its energy efficiency programmes have in common? Experience, skill, tenacity and an inspiring amount of success, writes Adrian Joyce.

Op-ed: “Efficiency First” will deliver – let’s start with renovating our buildings (Euractiv)

Published by Euractiv on: 16 March 2018 | There is a simple truth about EU climate policy: If it does not put energy efficiency first, it will not meet its objectives cost-effectively. And if it does not try to do that, it may not meet them at all, writes Adrian Joyce.

Op-ed: Building renovation can become “Europe’s biggest jobs programme” (Euractiv)

Published by Euractiv on: 11 December 2017 | The EU’s next long-term budget for 2021-2027 offers a unique opportunity to demonstrate the tangible benefits that EU policies and funding can deliver to citizens on the ground, argues Adrian Joyce.

Op-ed: Renovation is about more than just energy savings (Euractiv)

Published by Euractiv on: 2 October 2017 | The multiple benefits of building renovation programmes include known advantages in terms of reduced energy bills and job creation. But less is known about other benefits like avoided healthcare costs, and even higher exam success rates for students, writes Adrian Joyce.

Op-ed: Paris Agreement under threat as member states water down building performance measures (Euractiv)

Published by Euractiv on: 20 June 2017 | While President Trump is grabbing world headlines by publicly trashing the Paris climate agreement, EU member states are also trying to sabotage this deal by watering down measures in the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD) and Energy Efficiency Directive (EED), writes Adrian Joyce.

Op-ed: Energy poverty: A blight on the EU (Euractiv)

Published by Euractiv on: 6 April 2017 | For something that blights the lives of between 50 and 125 million European citizens it is strange to discover that there is no EU-wide definition of ‘energy poverty’, writes Adrian Joyce.