The Renovate Europe Campaign, in a joint action with 39 of its Partners, launched a proposal for the creation of a “Renovation Fund for All Europeans”.

Our call seeks to give a powerful suggestion for the current discussion within the European Commission around the preparation of a common EU Economic Recovery Plan post COVID-19, which, in our view, should ultimately ensure that energy renovation of the EU building stock plays a central role in getting the EU back on its feet.

As we believe that there is a real risk that COVID-19 could take the EU backwards to political fragmentation, economic stagnation and social breakdown, we chose to launch a common initiative that will bind Europeans and the European Union closer together, providing the impetus for renewed economic activity shaped by the principles of the European Green Deal while addressing the inequalities in our society in an inclusive manner.

In the aftermath of its launch, the 39 original supporters have rapidly become 125. These new signatories, apart from diversifying even more the stakeholders’ segments, made it possible for the REC Office to extend the call to as many other actors of the EU built environment as possible in order to reinforce its political message.