The partners that launched the Renovate Belgium campaign are mainly Belgian affiliates of Renovate Europe members and producers energy efficient building materials active on the Belgian market. They share the ambition to help achieve the societal challenges of carbon emission reductions, job creation and energy security by offering energy saving materials to drastically reduce energy consumption in buildings. Energy efficiency is key since buildings have the biggest role to play as they consume around 40% of energy than any other sector. The realistic potential for energy savings in buildings is huge and is the kick-starter for economic recovery after the economic crisis.

In parallel to the work of Renovate Europe at EU-level, the Renovate Belgium Campaign focuses on the Belgian level. The elections for the European Parliament and the Belgian federal and regional parliamentary elections will offer an excellent opportunity to call for action. Velux, Isover, Knauf Insulation, STO and AGC, supported by the associations Essenscia (PolyMatters), Indufed (industrie du verre) and the Confederation for the Construction industry joined forces and jointly provide input addressing the Belgian federal, regional and local level based on a vision (see below).

The renovation policy the Campaign calls for envisages concrete measures that stimulates economic recovery and jobs, supports SMEs, puts an end to energy poverty, benefits public finances, improves the quality of life in buildings, reduces air pollution and CO2 emissions and finally the energy dependency of our country by limiting our energy needs.


2021 - Renovate 2 Recover: How Transformational are the National Recovery Plans for Buildings Renovation?

National Recovery and Resilience Plans (NRRPs) present a unique opportunity to accelerate the delivery of deep renovation across the EU. The analysis of the NRRPs in this Study demonstrates that significant renovation activity is planned and will be made possible through the successive disbursements of the Recovery Funding. But these renovations must be done properly, and the money must be spent well. This unprecedented additional injection of public funds must set the EU building stock firmly on the path to achieving its Renovation Wave goals to 2030 and meeting the 2050 climate targets.

For NRRPs to be transformational towards achieving these goals, two key aspects need to be strengthened:

  1. Ensure funding delivers a step change towards realising deep (or staged deep) renovations, going well beyond the 30% minimum energy saving recommendation set by the European Commission.
  2. Invest in the right enabling framework, including leverage of private finance, to create sustainable renovation markets that will grow beyond 2026.

Belgian profile from the study commissioned by the Renovate Europe Campaign and conducted by E3G with input from Renovate Belgium.