Champions Together for Renovation

We’re looking for leaders to champion our cause: MEPs, community and business representatives, and national and local voices.

Citizens want policies that make a real difference; policies that will support local SMEs, create jobs throughout the economy, and improve the lives and health of all people in all buildings, every day. Renovation is key to addressing these concerns – Get involved and support the Renovate Europe Campaign today by becoming a Champion Together for Renovation!

Got any questions? You can contact us here or by calling +32 2639 10 11.

What does it mean to be a Champion Together for Renovation?

A Champion Together for Renovation is a leader who will keep energy renovation of buildings high on the political agenda during the critical years ahead.

The Renovate Europe Campaign will provide Champions with practical support such as speaking notes for debates and events, and useful policy briefings on the multiple benefits of renovation. The Renovate Europe Campaign also has a wide network of contacts at a European and national level where we can help establish strong links.