Technical Assistance in Recovery Plans: the Wealth-Enabler for Buildings

Building a green and sustainable economy means spending a lot of money. There isn’t a shortage of climate cash with the Recovery Fund – the real challenge will be spending it fast, and properly! Thankfully, there is help available for renovation through Technical Assistance – and the Commission’s RECOVER Taskforce has just made it easier for Member States to include it in their Recovery Plans. Op-ed by Adrian JOYCE, Renovate Europe Campaign Director   ‘Want to retrofit hundreds of thousands of buildings but don’t know where to start? Need help…

Renovate Europe Calls for MEPS in its EPBD Roadmap Response

Renovate Europe suggests that both the regulatory measures proposed in Option 3 and the non-regulatory measures proposed in Option 2 must be synchronised in the most effective way in the context of the upcoming revision of the EPBD to boost the rate and depth of renovation across the EU. Download full REC Response to EPBD Roadmap

“Don’t let our most valuable assets crumble away”

Our buildings are worth trillions of euros, yet fears about how to fund renovations are stalling the sector’s green progress. There is plenty of cash out there looking for a home, you just need to know where to look, writes Adrian JOYCE. It is human nature to look after things we find valuable, be it a nice watch, a car or a home. But, whereas motorists are prepared to shell out cash to keep their vehicles roadworthy, building owners hesitate when it comes to maintaining their abodes and offices. That is despite buildings being by far the globe’s most valuable…

Strengthen Article 5 of EED on Public Buildings

Article 5 of the EED currently requires public authorities to renovate 3% of buildings owned and occupied by the central government.  Unfortunately, the limited scope, weak enforcement and availability of alternative measures has resulted in Article 5 having very little impact on the ground. The upcoming revision of the EED is the opportunity to strengthen Article 5 in order to achieve our shared goal of increased rate and depth of renovation across Europe.   Download full REC call to strenghten Article 5 of EED

Draft Taxonomy Regulation risks undermining Renovation Wave

EU Taxonomy defines what qualifies or not as a ‘green’ investment.  The current draft guidelines allow very weak renovations – just 30% energy savings – to meet taxonomy requirements. To ensure a clear signal to investors and make sure the Green Deal delivers its full social, economic, and environmental potential, we urge the Commission to increase the current 30% energy savings requirement to at least 60%. download the document

REDay2020 – #Renovate2Recover

“This is YOUR moment,” was the key message from Executive Vice-President Frans Timmermans on 27th October at Renovate Europe Day 2020 (REDay2020). Referring to the National Recovery and Resilience Plans that Member States must submit, Timmermans emphasized widespread support for renovation: “I have never seen such enthusiasm from Member States for any initiative (…) they know that renovation is low-hanging fruit for low emissions and job creation” go to the event page