Op-ed: Forget politics, renovate our homes – ahora mismo! (Euractiv)

"The European Union is nearing an agreement on upgrading the leakiest, most inefficient buildings. This is an apolitical issue that must be kept out of the damaging clutches of politicisation," writes Adrian Joyce.

Op-ed: The people behind the buildings: Why we must get it right in the EPBD (Euractiv)

Renovation requirements in the EU’s buildings directive can do more than anything else to address energy poverty, but without specific policies to help the most vulnerable people and households they could backlash badly, write Anna Bajomi (FEANTSA), Caroline Simpson (Renovate Europe Campaign) and Brook Riley (ROCKWOOL).

Business leaders co-sign op-eds throughout Europe calling for an ambitious EPBD

Leading companies in the construction market throughout the European Union highlight in respective co-signed op-eds on national media the key role the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD) can play to cut the dependence of homes and buildings in Europe on imports of fossil fuels. The following two elements are highlighted: The renovation of F/G level public buildings to B/C will signify a decrease in final energy consumption by 90%. Each billion invested to energy efficiency can create 18,000 jobs. Op-eds have been published in the following countries: Bulgaria: February 7th at Capital Croatia: January 18th at Poslovni Dnevnik Denmark: February 8th at JP Finans……

Blogpost: Europe is in energy crisis, let’s look at the solutions (C4E Forum)

“We are living a historical moment, that might mean a new era for many European countries. Looking at the solutions and ways to implement them might be a new restart for green economy transition in many countries in Europe.” writes Katarína Nikodemová.

Blogpost: The Central and Eastern European Region: Front line of the renovation battle (C4E Forum)

It is time to stop beating around the bush and take drastic measures to improve the performance of our buildings and renovation presents itself as the only sustainable option to tackle the ongoing energy security crisis and strengthen the EU’s resilience and independence towards geopolitical or other factors, writes Adrian Joyce.

Op-ed: Eyes to the horizon during a crisis (Energy Monitor)

Published by Energy Monitor on: 26 October 2022 | Building renovations need the same, urgent financial aid as energy price relief to avoid future energy crises in Europe, writes Adrian Joyce.