1.  CEE Focused: Biennial conference on energy efficiency, with more than 70% of participants from the CEE region in 2018, and a clear focus on buildings.
  2. Policy-oriented: Discussions and presentations on real and topical policy challenges and solutions with decision-makers and stakeholders.
  3. Network-building: Enabling you to connect with 200+ colleagues from the energy efficiency sector in a unique attractive setting.
  4. Time-efficient: Two and a half days of interactive sessions and networking opportunities at a convivial venue.
  5. Affordable: A non-profit event at an affordable cost for participants to ensure good attendance.

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Europe is in energy crisis, let’s look at the solutions (Blogpost)

23rd November 2022

“We are living a historical moment, that might mean a new era for many European countries. Looking at the solutions and ways to implement them might be a new restart for green economy transition in many countries in Europe.” writes Katarína Nikodemová.

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The Central and Eastern European Region: Front line of the renovation battle (Blogpost)

27th October 2022

“It is time to stop beating around the bush and take drastic measures to improve the performance of our buildings and renovation presents itself as the only sustainable option to tackle the ongoing energy security crisis and strengthen the EU’s resilience and independence towards geopolitical or other factors.” writes Adrian Joyce.

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Slovakia to host the C4E Forum 2023

22nd September 2022

The Renovate Europe Campaign (REC), with the support of our national partner Buildings for the Future, is delighted to announce that we will organise the next C4E Forum in Slovakia from the 23rd to the 26th of May 2023.

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Giving a new home to the C4E Forum

27th April 2022

It is a great pleasure to announce that the Renovate Europe Campaign (REC) will be the new home to the C4E Forum (Central and Eastern European Energy Efficiency Forum).

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