REDay Exhibition 2019

For Renovate Europe Day 2019, we collected 29 best-practice cases of deep energy renovation from across the EU. These were displayed in an exhibition inside the European Parliament from 7-11 October 2019. You will find the information from the exhibition, as well as further resources on each project and programme, below View the projects on a mapView the projects by building/programme type

REDay2018 – Afternoon site visits

THE COSMOPOLITAN Transformation of a high-rise office building in the centre of Brussels into mixed-use housing. More information here.   RUE ROYALE 89 [178] A Building Brought To Life The objective of this high-performance renovation is to achieve a ‘very low energy’ level and will benefit the Conseil Supérieur de l’Audiovisuel (National Broadcasting Authority). More information here.   All photos of the visits here

REDay2017 – Afternoon site visits

Visit of Be.exemplary Building “VUB Swimming Pool” High energy performance retrofitting of the swimming pool of the Vrije Universiteit Brussels with specific attention to sustainability and circular economy. More information here Visit of Exemplary Building Linné Passive renovation of a residential tower and an annex building to create 50 public housing units, and construction of a crèche for 36 children and a public park between the two buildings. More information here   All photos of the visits  here

RenoWIKI – BuildUpon project

There’s so much happening on energy efficiency in existing buildings it’s hard to keep up. The RenoWiki is a collaborative tool for the national renovation strategy community – to help keep track of and coordinate all the important initiatives out there. Just add, edit and track initiatives – simple!  


  RENOVATION PROJECT 1: Rue Luther Renovation and Conversion of a house into 4 passive flats in Brussels Download the information sheet about the project here   RENOVATION PROJECT 2: QUAI DU HAINAUT Renovation and Alteration of a local industrial building into dynamic range of activities Download the information sheet about the project here     IN PARTNERSHIP WITH BRUXELLES ENVIRONNEMENT


REDay2013 – Open Days Exhibition ‘100EUrban Solutions’ Committee of the Regions, Brussels – October 2013 Renovate your buildings to Renovate your local economy! Renovating Europe’s buildings is the solution to delivering on the EU’s Climate Goals and Growth Agenda, as well as providing multiple benefits including improved health conditions for Europe’s citizens. The Renovate Europe Campaign aims to help the EU achieve these objectives by advocating for a reduction of the energy demand of the EU building stock by 80% by 2050. The 3 projects below drawn from 3 different European…