Op-ed: No more time for half-measures on renovation (Euractiv)

Published by Euractiv on: 10 November 2021 | In times of climate crisis, it is no longer acceptable that our buildings swallow up so much of the limited energy resources and leave our citizens so vulnerable to energy price hikes, writes Adrian Joyce. 

Op-ed: Technical Assistance: the wealth-enabler for buildings (ECEEE)

Published by ECEEE on: 28 September 2021 | With most of the National Recovery Plans approved this summer, attention is turning to the core business at hand: spending the money fast, and properly on building renovations. Technical Assistance will be crucial in driving up the rate and depth of renovations across the EU, making sure we leave no one behind.

Op-ed: Public Buildings: The starter cog for the Renovation Wave (ECEEE)

Published by ECEEE on: 20 July 2021 | The review of the EED is an essential cog as the EU gears itself up to at least double the overall renovation rate from its paltry ~1% by the end of the decade, as part of the “Renovation Wave Strategy”. Ensuring public buildings are front and centre in our renovation efforts is an indispensable step.

Op-ed: Don’t let our most valuable assets crumble away (ECEEE)

Published by ECEEE on: 16 March 2021 | The buildings that support our way of life are worth trillions of euros yet fears about how to fund energy renovations are stalling the sector’s green progress.  There is plenty of cash out there looking for a home, you just need to know where to look, writes Adrian JOYCE, Director of the Renovate Europe Campaign.

Op-ed: EU Taxonomy proposals clash with Renovation Wave (ECEEE)

Published by ECEEE on: 10 December 2020 | It is a regulatory clash in the making. In October, the European Commissions Renovation Wave strategy stressed the importance of renovating at least 35 million buildings to meet a more ambitious 55% by 2030 greenhouse gas reduction objective. But now it risks undermining its good work, with very weak renovation requirements in its draft criteria for climate action-compatible investments.

Op-ed: The Renovation Wave brings a sigh of relief (FORESIGHT)

Published by FORESIGHT on: 27 October 2020 | The European Commission’s Renovation Wave strategy will bring added momentum to the pandemic recovery along with much-needed new standards, and some clarity on financing. On REDay2020, Adrian Joyce from the European Alliance of Companies for Energy Efficiency (EuroACE) says the real work to improve the efficiency of Europe’s building stock starts now