Industry teams up to boost building renovation and energy efficiency in Central and Eastern Europe

Industry leaders in the energy efficiency field came together to sign a joint commitment to raise the profile of building renovation and energy efficiency as well as to better leverage their expertise for better collaboration with other stakeholders. Signatories: Daikin, Danfoss, Knauf Insulation, ROCKWOOL Group, Saint-Gobain, Signify, VELUX.

Op-ed: The people behind the buildings: Why we must get it right in the EPBD (Euractiv)

Renovation requirements in the EU’s buildings directive can do more than anything else to address energy poverty, but without specific policies to help the most vulnerable people and households they could backlash badly, write Anna Bajomi (FEANTSA), Caroline Simpson (Renovate Europe Campaign) and Brook Riley (ROCKWOOL).

2021-2027 Cohesion Policy Support for Energy Efficiency and Building Renovation

This study looks into how EU member states plan to use cohesion policy funding to support renovation and draws attention to key actions to maximise impact.

Energ’Ethic podcast – Vice-Chair Julie Kjestrup (VELUX)

Our Vice-Chair Julie Kjestrup (Head of Policy and Thought Leadership for VELUX) is the last invitee of the Energ’Ethic podcast hosted by Marine Cornelis. Listen to the full conversation here.

Buildings Directive: Parliament votes for action on cutting energy bills

By adopting its EPBD position, the European Parliament has demonstrated its commitment to slashing energy imports, improving millions of homes, lowering this way the increased energy poverty rates. Read full press release here.

Business leaders co-sign op-eds throughout Europe calling for an ambitious EPBD

Leading companies in the construction market throughout the European Union highlight in respective co-signed op-eds on national media the key role the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD) can play to cut the dependence of homes and buildings in Europe on imports of fossil fuels. The following two elements are highlighted: The renovation of F/G level public buildings to B/C will signify a decrease in final energy consumption by 90%. Each billion invested to energy efficiency can create 18,000 jobs. Op-eds have been published in the following countries: Bulgaria:…