Letter to Mr Barroso, President of the European Commission

Dear President Barroso, Re: Adequate framework to tap into the cost-effective energy savings potential of buildings Our organisations, which together represent the main European providers of energy efficiency materials, solutions and services in buildings, welcome the European Commission’s efforts to define new energy efficiency ambitions to complement the January proposal for a 2030 energy and climate framework. For the business actors that our associations represent, it is encouraging to see that the European Commission is now considering establishing a binding energy efficiency target for…

European Parliament stands strong on Energy Efficiency: Over 100 MEPs pledge to STOP Energy Waste in Buildings in their 2014-2019 mandate

The Renovate Europe Manifesto for the 2014 Elections has received over 100 signatures from sitting and candidate MEPs, who have pledged to keep Energy Efficiency in Buildings high on the political agenda if re-elected in the next legislative term. Among these signatures are MEPs from 19 different European countries, from all 5 main European political parties as well as 5 EP Vice-Presidents. “Having over 100 MEPs sign the Renovate Europe Manifesto, more precisely the pledge it contains, indicates that the prospective incoming MEPs are keen for the EP to maintain its supportive role in favour…

Brussels launch of the UNEP FI and EEFIG reports

REPORTS EEFIG Report UNEP FI Report Please direct your comments about the EEFIG report to: ENER-feedback-eefig-report@ec.europa.eu PRESENTATIONS DG Energy UNEP FI Investor Briefing Energy Efficiency -Financial Institution Group PROGRAMME AND BIOGRAPHIES Programme Biographies

Letters addressed to the Heads of State ahead of the EU Summit March 2014

European Summit Meeting, 20th and 21st March 2014: ENERGY EFFICIENCY IN THE EU 2030 CLIMATE AND ENERGY POLICY Read the letter sent to YOUR Head of State: Austria Belgium Bulgaria Croatia Cyprus Czech Republic Denmark Estonia Finland France Germany Greece Hungary Ireland Italy Latvia Lithuania Luxembourg Malta Netherlands Poland Portugal Romania Slovakia Slovenia Spain Sweden United Kingdom

Renovate Europe calls on future MEPS to “STOP Energy Waste in Buildings”

On 12th March, the Renovate Europe Campaign published its European Elections Manifesto calling on candidate MEPs to sign a Pledge to “STOP Energy Waste in Buildings”. The Campaign will undertake 3 Days of Action in the European Parliament on 1st, 2nd, 3rd April 2014 in Brussels. “Stopping energy waste in buildings is becoming a top priority for citizens, as households face increasingly high energy bills”, explained MEP Fiona Hall (UK, ALDE), an early supporter of the Manifesto. “This is a real opportunity for candidate MEPs to address their national constituencies on a topic that really…