Last update: 4 August 2022

Buildings in the content of the Plan (extracted from the REC/E3G Slovakian Country Profile)

Slovakia’s final NRRP amounts to a total of €6.6bn. In the earlier draft, €700m were allocated to a specific Building Renovation component of the plan. That value increased to €728m (11%) in the final NRRP, of which €528m is allocated to energy efficiency in single family homes and €200m for renovation of historical public buildings. The plan also contains significant funding for modernisation of public services like education, healthcare and the judiciary. Approximately €48m of it is tagged as climate-related renovation investment, including €17.8m for renovation of hospitals and medical service stations, €700k for centres for health and social community care for mental health, €18m for courts, €10m for police force buildings, and €1.2m for fire stations. A significant construction programme for new public buildings is also foreseen, including €817m (~12% of total) allocated to new hospitals, which will be required to achieve ‘BREEAM Excellent’ certification. Further €130m are allocated to other building-related climate measures. However, it is unclear whether these will fund new-builds or renovations. Altogether this brings total building investment to €1.7bn (26%).

Read the full Slovakian Country Profile here.

Disbursements’ timeline

  • 2021-10-13: The European Commission disbursed € 822.7 million in pre-financing to Italy (13% of its financial allocation under the RRF, fully consisting of grants).
  • 2021-12-16: Slovakia and the European Commission sign the Operational Arrangements.
  • 2022-04-29: Slovakia submitted the first payment request of €398,7 million (net of pre-financing).
  • 2022-06-27: The Commission published a positive preliminary assessment of the satisfactory fulfilment of all 14 milestones.
  • 2022-07-29: The Commission disbursed the first payment of €398.7 million to Slovakia.

Indicative timeline for future payment requests (based on the signed operational arrangements)

Payment Request for the First Instalment EUR 458.277.000 Q2 2022
Payment Request for the Second Instalment EUR 814.715.000 Q4 2022
Payment Request for the Third Instalment EUR 814.715.000 Q1 2023
Payment Request for the Fourth Instalment EUR 923.828.000 Q3 2023
Payment Request for the Fifth Instalment EUR 923.828.000 Q1 2024
Payment Request for the Sixth Instalment EUR 792.892.000 Q3 2024
Payment Request for the Seventh Instalment EUR 792.892.000 Q1 2025
Payment Request for the Eight Instalment EUR 400.083.000 Q3 2025
Payment Request for the Ninth Instalment EUR 203.679.000 Q1 2026
Payment Request for the Tenth Instalment EUR 203.677.359 Q3 2026

Table of buildings' measures (categorised under their specific instalments)

The renovation-related targets and milestones expected by Q3 2022 are:

Number of Milestones Name of Milestone Value of whole measure Indicator Progress & Comments
Milestone 1 & 2 The harmonisation of support mechanisms for the renovation of family houses.



Launch of implementation and support schemes

Reform linked to investment measure (support schemes for family houses) of a total value of €506 million + €22 million (admin costs) Adoption of the implementation plan to mobilize green renovation of family houses by the Ministry of Environment, and Launch of the support scheme


(incentivising minimum 30% primary energy savings)

The implementation plan shall map different support schemes and harmonise them. It shall detail preparation for the start-up of the scheme, timetable and its administration as well as the monitoring of the reconstruction and verification of energy savings primarily by energy performance certificates, or other corresponding documents.


Respective calls will be published by the Slovak Environmental Agency (link to support schemes).


(information provided by National Partners)


Disbursement linked to instalment 3



All information has been extracted from the Study: “E3G. (2021). Renovate2Recover: How transformational are the National Recovery Plans for Buildings Renovation?” and the European Commission’s Recovery and Resilience Scoreboard.