Last update: 23 August 2022

Buildings in the content of the Plan (extracted from the REC/E3G Austrian Country Profile)

Austria’s NRRP comprises measures worth €3.5bn from the grant funded element of the Recovery and Resilience Facility. The Plan allocates €209m to the Renovation Wave component, with €50m earmarked to fight energy poverty for low-income households through support for heating modernisation and thermal renovation. For enterprises the Plan includes a 14% investment premium for thermal renovation with a budget of €20m. An investment proposal for climate-friendly town centres also includes the thermal renovation of commercial and communal buildings €17.5m, and measures to green facades €5m. Two projects are included to demonstrate holistic renovation of historic buildings, with a budget of €13.9m. Across those measures, thermal renovation measures amount to around €106m (~3%). Funds also allocated for the exchange of individual oil and gas boilers in the residential sector (€159m), and grid coupled photovoltaics and electricity storage for businesses (€153m). If included they would raise the share of funding to buildings to ~9%. Across the plan other measures support renewable energy, low-carbon mobility and energy system investments which may impact buildings.

Read the full Austrian Country Profile here.

Disbursements’ timeline

  • 2021-09-28: European Commission disburses €450 million in pre-financing to Austria.

Indicative timeline for future payment requests (based on the signed operational arrangements)

Operational Arrangements not yet signed.

Table of buildings' measures (categorised under their specific instalments)

The renovation-related targets and milestones expected by Q3 2022 are:

Number of Milestones Name of Milestone Value of whole measure Indicator Progress & Comments
Milestone 1 Entry into force of Renewable Heating Law to regulate the phase-out of outdated heating systems in existing buildings from 2025 onwards (Reform 1.A.1) Completed: XXVII/ME/ME_00212/index.shtml

Milestone 2 Exchange of at least 6 360 oil and gas heating systems with biomass-based heaters, heat pumps or connectors to district heating (Investment 1.A.2) €53 million



6360 projects Completed:

At least 6 360 projects of replacement of heating systems have been implemented and audited.

Note: excluded from original study


Milestone 3 Establishment of priorities and conditions in the funding guidelines of the support scheme for thermal renovation in dwellings of low-income households (Investment 1.A.3)


€50 million Unclear

(Disbursement linked to instalment 2)

Milestone 4 Entry into force of 14% investment premium for green investments in businesses (Investment 2.D.3) €52.5 million Completed

Note: excluded from Table 2.

Renovation is only one element of funding

Milestone 5 Establishment of funding guidelines for the renovation of buildings in town centres (Investment 4.B.3) €40 million Completed

Note: excluded from Table 2.

Renovation is only one element of funding.


Milestone 6 Completed feasibility studies for two renovation projects of historic buildings Volkskundemuseum Wien and Prater Ateliers (Investment 4.C.3) €13.9 million Completed
Milestone 7 Entry into force of the funding guidelines establishing the investment fund for climate-friendly cultural businesses (Investment 4.C.5) €15 million Delayed

Note: renovation is only one element of investment fund.

All information has been extracted from the Study: “E3G. (2021). Renovate2Recover: How transformational are the National Recovery Plans for Buildings Renovation?” and the European Commission’s Recovery and Resilience Scoreboard.