Last update: 23 August 2022

Buildings in the content of the Plan (extracted from the REC/E3G Bulgarian Country Profile)

Bulgaria’s draft NRRP comprised measures worth €10bn of which €6.5bn from the EU Recovery and Resilience Facility. It allocates a relatively high share of funding to energy efficiency – nearly €1.4bn of which €947m from the Recovery Facility (14.6%), €318 m national financing, and €129 m private financing. The largest share of energy efficiency measures targets multifamily residential buildings (€627m), followed by state and municipal buildings (€185m), and industrial and commercial buildings (€118m). Around €1.6m are in place for four reforms: one stop shop; quality of the energy efficiency certificates; digital system for management of the process; and assessment of the sustainability of projects. Around €3m are set aside for administrative capacity investment, and €7.5m for programme management and information campaigns. €4m are foreseen for a pilot project for rolling out building information modelling (BIM) and €1.5m for the creation of a unified information system for spatial planning, investment design and construction permitting.

Read the full Bulgarian Country Profile here.

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All information has been extracted from the Study: “E3G. (2021). Renovate2Recover: How transformational are the National Recovery Plans for Buildings Renovation?” and the European Commission’s Recovery and Resilience Scoreboard.