Last update: 23 August 2022

Buildings in the content of the Plan (extracted from the REC/E3G German Country Profile)

In total, Germany plans to invest €140bn in recovery measures. Germany’s NRRP is just a part of this, comprising close to €26bn from the EU Recovery and Resilience Facility (RRF). Close to €2.6bn of that (~10%) is allocated to renovation. These funds exclusively target the residential sector as federal funding for energy-efficient buildings, while Germany’s overall recovery package targets other building sectors as well. €57m are allocated to municipal living labs, which are conducting research on the energy transition and their implementation until 2026; and €20m will support the development of climate-friendly construction with timber, running to the end of 2021. A further €500m is allocated to a special “child day care expansion” programme including new buildings, conversions, renovations, and equipment (not included in the figure below). Green Recovery Tracker analysis suggests that most building-related measures are likely to have a very positive impact on the green transition.

Read the full German Country Profile here.

Disbursements’ timeline

  • 2021-08-26: European Commission disburses €2.25 billion in pre-financing to Germany

Indicative timeline for future payment requests (based on the signed operational arrangements)

Operational Arrangements not yet signed.

Table of buildings' measures (categorised under their specific instalments)

The renovation-related targets and milestones expected by Q3 2022 are:

Number of Milestones Name of Milestone Value of whole measure Indicator Progress & Comments
Milestone 1 Building renovation: federal funding for energy-efficient buildings (Investment 1.3.3) €2 500 million Published guidelines on federal funding for energy-efficient buildings Completed

(funding will be requested as part of installment 1)


All information has been extracted from the Study: “E3G. (2021). Renovate2Recover: How transformational are the National Recovery Plans for Buildings Renovation?” and the European Commission’s Recovery and Resilience Scoreboard.