Last update: 23 August 2022

Buildings in the content of the Plan (extracted from the REC/E3G Latvian Country Profile)

Latvia’s draft NRRP included measures for €1.65bn in total, with the final request raised to €1.82bn. The draft Plan foresaw €139m investment in the buildings sector (~8.4% of the total,). This value increased significantly to €230m (12.6%, see chart below) in the final Plan. It is allocated to energy efficiency improvement and to renewable energy technologies, with the highest share going to businesses (€120m, as part of a combined financial instrument), followed by apartment buildings (€57m), municipal buildings and infrastructure (€29m), and central government, including historical buildings, (€24m). Energy efficiency measures also cover other elements of the energy system, with €80 million allocated to the modernisation of transmission and distribution networks.

Read the full Latvian Country Profile here.

Disbursements’ timeline

  • 2021-09-10: European Commission disburses €237 million in pre-financing to Latvia.
  • 2022-02-16: Latvia and the European Commission sign the Operational Arrangements.
  • 2022-06-17: Latvia submitted the first payment request of €201 million (net of pre-financing). This first payment request relates to 9 milestones covering several reforms.
  • 2022-07-29: The Commission published a positive preliminary assessment of the satisfactory fulfilment of 9 milestones in relation to the first payment request.

Indicative timeline for future payment requests (based on the signed operational arrangements)

Payment Request for the First Instalment EUR 231.000.000 Q2 2022
Payment Request for the Second Instalment EUR 503.000.000 Q2 2023
Payment Request for the Third Instalment EUR 419.000.000 Q2 2024
Payment Request for the Fourth Instalment EUR 293.000.000 Q2 2025
Payment Request for the Fifth Instalment EUR 168.000.000 Q2 2026
Payment Request for the Sixth Instalment EUR 212.000.000 Q3 2026

Table of buildings' measures (categorised under their specific instalments)

The renovation-related targets and milestones expected by Q3 2022 are:

Number of Milestones Name of Milestone Value of whole measure Indicator Progress & Comments
Milestone 1 Improving the energy efficiency of multi-apartment buildings and transition to renewable energy technologies ( €57 million Entry into force of support programme for improving energy efficiency in residential buildings Unclear

(Linked to instalment 2)

Milestone 2 Increasing energy efficiency in business, in the form of a combined financial instrument ( €121 million


Entry into force of the Support Programme for Entrepreneurial Energy Efficiency Unclear

(Linked to instalment 2)

Milestone 3 Improving the energy efficiency of public sector buildings, including historical buildings ( €24 million Entry into force of support programme for improving energy efficiency in national and historical buildings approved by the Cabinet of Ministers Unclear

(Linked to instalment 2)

Milestone 4 Resilience and continuity of the long-term social care service ( Requirements of the design task and standard construction design project developed for the provision of long-term care services close to family environment Unclear

(Linked to instalment 2)


All information has been extracted from the Study: “E3G. (2021). Renovate2Recover: How transformational are the National Recovery Plans for Buildings Renovation?” and the European Commission’s Recovery and Resilience Scoreboard.