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Energy renovated as part of an innovative Croatian government initiative to boost energy performance contracting, Karlovac Hospital was fully energy renovated to a very high standard, proving that energy performance contracting is a viable model for high occupancy, public buildings

This hospital, built in the 1960’s, is the main hospital for Karlovac county, located at the “elbow” of Croatia and having a population of around 130,000 people.  It was built at a time when energy performance standards were non-existent as a reinforced concrete frame with infill panels that were highly energy inefficient and often poorly fitted.  The original building was uninsulated, had single glazing and was connected to the district heating network that ran on heating oil.

In 2013, the Croatian government launched a programme of extensive and ambitious energy renovation of public buildings using energy performance contracting as the main delivery methodology.  Karlovac Hospital was one of the first buildings to benefit from this successful programme and today the people of Karlovac have a modern, highly energy efficient hospital to provide their health care.


Principal Characteristics of the Renovation Works:


Ownership type: Public
Year of construction: 1963
Renovation completed: 2014
Floor area after works: 36,0000m²
Structure: Loadbearing reinforced concrete frame with infill panels.  The entire façade was renovated using an ETICS system.  All external windows and doors were replaced, and walls and roof insulated
Heating and energy: The building was disconnected from the district heating and 6 thermal sub-stations installed in the building.  The building now runs on solar collectors coupled with heat pumps, has a building energy management system, new thermostatic valves throughout the building and new low-energy lighting.  Back up heating is provided using natural gas
Energy performance: Guaranteed energy savings after works reached 54%
Cost of works: €8.6m (€240 per m²)
Technical consultants: Rudan d.o.o.

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