Photo credit: Resalta

This programme is an example of a successful public private partnership (PPP) in which the City of Ljubljana has entered into a PPP with a consortium of companies composed of Petrol and Resalta.  The PPP has been active since 2017 and addresses public buildings such as schools, libraries, cultural institutions, sports centres and so on.

Faced with a need to finance the upgrading of many of its public buildings and during the year that it was the European Green Capital, the City of Ljubljana launched a call to establish a PPP for the energy upgrading of 48 public buildings.  The successful candidate to join with the City to form the PPP was a consortium of two companies: Petrol, the largest Slovenian Energy Company and Resalta, a large energy services company (ESCO).

The overall results of the PPP are impressive with 25 of the 48 buildings being deep energy renovated with the others being renovated to a high standard, but not achieving deep energy renovation levels as they are protected structures under Slovenian regulations.  The quality of the indoor environment in all buildings was much improved and occupants are reaping the benefits of this innovative PPP.

This PPP won an award from the EU-funded project known as GuarantEE, further proof of its innovative approach.


Principle Characteristics of the Financing Programme:

Type of Programme: Public Private Partnership
Year of initiation: 2017
Number of buildings: 48 Public buildings including schools, libraries, cultural institutions, sports centre and so on
Measures implemented: Insulation of roofs and walls, replacement of windows and doors, installation of renewable energy sources covering 25% of energy need, new heating systems, connection of all buildings to a central building energy management system enabling remote monitoring, operation and data collection
Results: Energy savings of 8,245 MW – Reduced CO2 emissions by 2.96 Mt per year – Financial savings on avoided energy expenditure of €1m per year
Energy performance: Depending on the building type, savings in the range 70 to 85% were achieved
Cost of the works: €14.8m for the 48 projects mentioned
Technical consultants: In-house expertise from Resalta and Petrol