Photo credit: Mercado del Val and the CommONE Energy Project

Valladolid City, capital of Castilla y Leon region is a leading economic and commercial centre of the North west of Spain.  “Mercado del Val” is an iron market whose construction was completed in 1882.  Following renovation works to make the market fit for purpose for modern commercial life, 54% energy savings were achieved. The market is an example of a historic market which has been revitalised in a way which maintained the historical character of the building.

The renovation works aimed to revitalise the late nineteenth century building, representative of a particular architectural and commercial period of history, transforming it into an innovative building which is suitable for modern life, while still respecting the historical essence of the building.  Comfort was improved for shop-owners and visitors with a multifunctional modular façade including glass windows to let natural light enter and shutters to regulate it.  The market now also has its own waste treatment plant and a waste sorting system in place collaboration with municipal services.

The renovation works undertaken at Mercado del Val allow the market to be a front-runner for energy performance, renewables and the use of natural light.  The renovation works took place as part of the CommONEnergy project, which aims to reconceptualise shopping centres through deep retrofitting, thus, improving the social and environmental impact these commercial spaces have over their lifecycle.


Principle Characteristics of the Renovation Works:

Ownership type: Private
Year of construction: 1882
Renovation completed: 2016
Floor area after works: 2,230 m² (114 stalls)
Structure: There is a multifunctional modular façade including large windows to let natural light enter and shutters to regulate it.  A modern energy management and monitoring system (iBEMS) allows optimal control of all technologies
Heating and energy: Geothermal heat pumps were installed to meet the demand for heating as well as cold and hot water.  Roof skylights provide natural ventilation.
Energy performance: Estimated reduction in energy demand is 75%.
Cost of works: €10.4m
Architect: José Maria Llanos
Technical consultants: CommONEnergy