Günther H. Oettinger, EU Commissioner for Energy

Günther H. Oettinger has been European Commissioner for Energy since 10 February 2010. From 2005-2010, he was Prime Minister of Baden-Württemberg (Germany) and, since 1984, a member of the regional Parliament (“Landtag”). He was the leader of the CDU Landtag group from January 1991 to April 2005. A lawyer by training, Günther H. Oettinger became actively involved in politics during his adolescence. He is a member of the Federal Executive Committee and of the Steering Committee of the CDU Deutschlands.


Johannes Hahn, EU Commissioner for Regional Policy

Johannes Hahn has held various management functions in the different sectors of the Austrian economy and industry, including as CEO of Novomatic AG for 5 years. Between 1992 and 1997 Hahn was Executive Director of the Austrian People’s Party Vienna. Starting in 2002, he was elected Deputy Chairman of the Party and Chairman in 2005. A Member of the Regional Parliament of Vienna from 1996 to 2003, he became Federal Minister for Science and Research in 2007. He has been a Member of the European Commission in charge of Regional Policy since 2010.


Energy Efficient Renovation – A stimulus for growth


Sigurd Naess-Schmidt, Partner, Copenhagen Economics

Helge Sigurd Næss-Schmidt has a Master’s degree in economics from the University of Copenhagen. He provides consulting services primarily to public clients with a focus on public finance aspects, impact assessments and policy evaluation. Prior to joining Copenhagen Economics he has worked for the Danish Ministry of Finance, the OECD, the EU Commission and for a Danish business organisation. He has taught economics both at the University of Copenhagen and the Copenhagen Business School.

Eckhart Würzner, Mayor of Heidelberg

The mayor of Heidelberg, Dr Eckhart Würzner, studied at the universities of both Mannheim and Heidelberg, receiving his doctorate in 1993.
Prior to that he worked as an environmental consultant to the City of Heidelberg, advising the administration on all questions related to the environment.
From September 1991 to the end of 1997, Dr Würzner was Head of the Technical Environmental Protection Division, which involved energy controlling and energy management of all buildings owned by the city, including public swimming pools and lighting. He was responsible for establishing expert opinions on climate protection and energy, on noise and airpollution impacts and emissions, as well as for the fields of environmental chemistry and the environmental information system. Following this post, he became Head of the Environmental and Energy Management Division and deputy director of the office, then Director of the Office of Environmental Protection,Energy and Health Promotion, before taking up the post, in 2001, of Deputy Mayor for Environment and Energy of the City of Heidelberg. He became lord mayor of the city at the end of 2006.
Dr Würzner is married with four children.


Adam Szolyak , EU Commission, Office responsible for the Covenant of Mayors

Adam Szolyak is the policy officer dealing with the Covenant of Mayors initiative in the Directorate- General for Energy of the European Commission in Brussels. He joined the European Commission in 2008 following an earlier career at various companies in the private sector. He holds an M.Sc. in Economics and International Relations from Budapest University of Economic Sciences.


Christiane Egger, Deputy Manager of the O.O. Energiesparverband

Christiane Egger is Deputy Manager of the O.Ö. Energiesparverband, the energy agency of Upper Austria, and the manager of the Ökoenergie-Cluster, a network of 160 companies active in renewable energy and energy efficiency.
Christiane is also the Vice-President of FEDARENE, the European network of regional energy and environment agencies. She is the conference director of the World Sustainable Energy Days, one of the largest annual conferences in Europe on energy efficiency andrenewable energy sources. Christiane is an expert in energy efficiency in buildings, in solar and biomass heating andin dissemination and promotion of sustainable energy production and use. She holds a law degree and a post-graduate degree in environmental engineering. www.esv.or.at, www.oec-en.at, www.wsed.at


Funding and Inverstment for Energy Efficiency in Buildings


Marie Donnelly, Director, DG Energy, European Commission

Marie Donnelly was born in Ireland and is currently the Director, New and renewable sources of energy, energy efficiency and innovation, in the European Commission’s DG Energy. Marie is responsible for the development of the policy and actions on energy efficiency supporting the achievement of the target of 20% energy savings by 2020, including the implementation of legislative requirements for buildings, ecodesign and labelling, as well as concrete actions supporting energy saving. She is also responsible for the development of policies and actions leading to the achievement of the EU 20% target for renewable energy (20% share of energy from renewable sources by 2020 and a 10% share of renewable energy specifically in the transport sector). Marie leads the coordination of the research actions in the field of energy including the development of technologies and innovative solutions for low carbon technologies leading to their widespread market take-up (European Strategic Energy Technology Plan (SET-Plan)). A further responsibility is actions aiming at supporting the achievement of the 20-20-20 targets – 20 % greenhouse gases, 20 % better energy efficiency, and a 20 % share of renewables – through the Program “Intelligent Energy – Europe”, in co-operation with “the executive Agency for Competitiveness and Innovation. Prior to joining DG Energy, Marie held several European Commission posts including working in the Employment and Social Affairs Directorate General as Director, Resources and Communication. Immediately prior to joining the Commission, she worked as Industry Group Director with the Federation of Irish Chemical Industries in Dublin, Ireland.


Stjohn O’Connor, Principal Officer, Energy Efficiency & Affordability Division, Department of Communications,
Energy and Natural Resources, Ireland.

Stjohn O’Connor joined the civil service in Ireland in 1999 and heads up the Energy Efficiency and Affordability Division in the Department of Communications, Energy and Natural Resources.Stjohn has worked in a variety of roles with the Department including most recently as head of the Exploration and Mining Division. Now responsible for national policy on energy efficiency and energy poverty, Stjohn chairs the inter-departmental group on the implementation of the EPBD and represents Ireland at the IEA on the Standing Group on Long-Term Cooperation.
Stjohn holds a doctorate in governance from Queens University Belfast.


Tatiana Bosteels, Chair of IIGCC property working group, Hermes Real Estate.

Tatiana is head of responsible property investment at Hermes Real Estate, part of Hermes Fund Management a global multi asset manager based in the UK, with £29bi AUM (March 2012) Tatiana joined in 2008 and has been leading the development and implementation of Hermes Responsible Property Investment (RPI) programme. Tatiana’s work focuses on the alignment of ESG into investment practices to protect and enhance asset value over time. Tatiana has experience developing innovative sustainability programmes through public private partnerships. At the London Climate Change Agency, where she advised the London Deputy Mayor, she developed and delivered the Better Buildings Partnership (BBP), and contributed to the establishment of the London ESCO. Her previous work covered UK and international climate change policy, carbon markets, Kyoto carbon project mechanisms, the EU and UK emission trading schemes and third party energy efficiency financing. Tatiana is Chair of IIGCC Property Working Group, Director of the Better Buildings Partnership Director of Climate Change Solutions and sits in the Advisory Board of BPIE Europe an GRESB. She holds an MSc in Environmental Management from Imperial College UK, an MSc in Mechanical Engineering from UCL Belgium and is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts.


Sean McLoughlin, Associate Director, Clean Energy&Technology Research, HSBC.

Sean McLoughlin is an equity research analyst covering alternative energy and renewables. Before joining HSBC in August 2011 he helped build out coverage of the clean technology sector at an international middle-market investment bank as part of an Extel rated team. Sean has a PhD in materials science and engineering, and before becoming an equity analyst in 2007 he worked in the clean tech industry.


J Owen Lewis, Former CEO of Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI) and Emeritus Professor of UCD Dublin, BArch Msc FRIAI FCICSE FEI EurIng CEng MIEI.

Owen Lewis was Chief Executive of the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland 2009-’12. Formerly director of the UCD Energy Research Group, he qualified as architect and building services engineer, practised professionally in Ireland and Zambia and taught also in Jordan, the USA, and for short periods in China and Germany. Co-ordinated many EC energy research and dissemination activities and has lectured in most EU member states.
Dean of the Faculty of Engineering & Architecture UCD and later Principal of the UCD College of Engineering, Mathematical & Physical Sciences 2001-‘06. Director for Innovation and R&D at Bord na Mona 2006-‘08. In 2011 he received from US Energy Secretary Steven Chu the ACEEE International Star of Energy Efficiency award on behalf of Ireland’s national retrofit programmes.


Adrian Joyce, Campaign Director.

Secretary General of EuroACE, the European Alliance of Companies for Energy Efficiency in Buildings. His role involves the day-to-day management of the affairs of EuroACE, bringing support to the working structure, preparing documentation, advising the Members, the General Assembly and the Board of Directors on issues that affect the energy efficiency of buildings. This includes monitoring the work of the EU Institutions, with a view to distilling those aspects that are of importance to the energy efficiency sector and to the establishment of the market conditions that will encourage, among other things, a significant increase in energy-related renovations to existing buildings. He also takes particular responsibility for technical issues including projects and the management of surveys, studies and reports. He is also the Campaign Director of the Renovate Europe Campaign, which has been initiated by EuroACE in order to bring about a threefold increase in renovation rates of existing buildings by 2020 and to ensure that, by 2050, all existing buildings are at least 80% more energy efficient than they were in 2005.
Adrian M Joyce is a professionally qualified architect who, having graduated from University College Dublin in 1984, spent 17 years in private practice (working in the UK, France, and Belgium and in his native country, Ireland) before getting involved full-time in architectural policy. He was, for 18 months commencing in January 2002, the Practice Director of the Royal Institute of the Architects of Ireland before moving to Brussels to join the staff at the Secretariat of the Architects’ Council of Europe where he became Director before leaving in July 2011. He also holds a part-time post teaching Construction Technology at the Catholic University of Louvain-le-Neuve, Faculty of Architecture, Architectural Engineering and Urbanism – LOCI. He is also a Board Member of eceee (the European Council for an energy Efficient Economy) and a Member of the Steering Committee of the European Coalition for Energy Savings.