12th October 2021 (11:30-13:00 CEST)

In the context of the EU Regions Week on 12th of October 2021, Renovate Europe co-organised together with DG GROW, the JRC and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development the workshop “How to get the best out of the Renovation Wave”. Policymakers from different levels of governance looked at some of the solutions at hand to improve the implementation of the Renovation Wave: financing instruments to accelerate renovation, technical assistance for practical support, affordability considerations to ensure no one is left behind, and innovative techniques which effectively integrate energy efficiency with climate resilience.

Moderator: Georgios Tsionis, Project officer – scientific research, European Commission – Joint Research Centre, Italy


  • Enrico Rossi, Member of the European Committee of the Regions
  • Gaspard Demur, Team Leader – National renovation strategies and recovery; international cooperation on buildings policy, DG ENER, European Commission
  • Stefania Racolta-Cruceru, Associate Director, Head of EU Green Finance and Climate Analytics, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development
  • Michaela Kauer, Head of the Brussels Office, City of Vienna, Austria

Video Testimonials

  • Valentina Superti, Director, European Commission – Directorate-General for Internal Market, Industry, Enterpreneurship and SME’s, Belgium
  • Adrian Joyce, Secretary General, Renovate Europe, Belgium
  • Hubert Briand, Manager Energy Efficiency of Buildings, Investment Direction, Banque des Territoires, France

Full Workshop