Renovate Europe was delighted to organise a programme for EU Energy Commissioner Kadri Simson and her Cabinet to visit two renovation projects in Belgium on the 10th of November 2023 and witness EU policy in action. As the negotiations of the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive come to an end, it is worth highlighting the impact EU policy can have on accelerating industrial and innovative approaches to energy renovation, but also the impact it can have on local communities.

First Stop: BuildUp Factory, Aarschot

In the morning, we explored the innovative modular approach to energy renovation at the BuildUp Factory. Commissioner Simson witnessed first-hand how this fast-growing startup is reshaping energy renovations with speed and efficiency. Their offsite construction solutions exemplify how European industry can minimise disruptions and maximise energy savings. Digitalisation plays a key part in their process.

In Lille, BuildUp led on the energy renovation of school buildings during the summer break, thus not disturbing the students and teachers in any way. Click here to watch the video.

Second Stop: Gansbeek Residential Area

Our journey continued to Bilzen, where the transformation of the Gansbeek Residential Area showcased a 60% reduction in energy bills for social housing residents. It was work undertaken by Knauf Insulation’s division Knauf Energy Solutions, in partnership with Daikin and Fluvius, for the Wonen in Limburg housing company.

The visit highlighted that energy renovation not only saves energy costs but also substantially improves living comfort.

These visits underscore the vital role of energy efficient buildings for EU citizens, industry, the local economy, and the climate. With the EPBD recast negotiations concluding, we must ensure it provides a long-term, stable framework to guide our industries’ investments in new factories, new solutions and more skilled workers.

We extend our profound thanks to Commissioner Simson for her insightful visit and support. Together, we will continue to advocate for a more sustainable, energy efficient, and competitive Europe.

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Take a look at photos from the visit