Briefing 4/2017: Energy Renovations can make the next MFF "Europe's biggest jobs programme"

December 2017

What better way to reach out to EU citizens than by improving their health, comfort and wellbeing in their homes, their offices, their schools, where we spend up to 90% of our time, while simultaneously creating quality jobs for local SMEs, improving social inclusion through urban regeneration and skills development, and boosting European competitiveness through innovation and digitalization?



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Briefing 3/2017: Energy Renovations Benefit Communities, not Speculators

25 September 2017

Over 1.8m refurbished households in Europe received an average €724 a year cut in their energy bills over the first half of this decade, but more impressive is the growing body of evidence that their communities blossomed as a result.  Around half a million jobs have been created by the €33bn of EU monies spent on social housing programme in areas of high social deprivation - that's 15 jobs for every €1m invested. But the renovation projects have also left a legacy of friendlier communities and improvements to the quality of life.



Download the Renovate Europe Briefing 3/2017Energy Renovations Benefit Communities, not Speculators.

Read more about the event Funding for Energy Renovation as a Stimulus for Urban Regeneration, organized with the URBAN Intergroup.

Briefing 2/2017: Energy Renovation – Making Financing Accessible to the People

10 May 2017

Here’s a riddle. Why is a product that can prevent energy poverty, dangerous global warming, indoor air pollution and energy import-dependence not the hottest ticket in town? Doubtless there are several factors – from the power of legacy energy lobbies to the sexiness of the brand – but the financing hurdles remain a key barrier to overcome. Simply put, upfront renovation costs are perceived as being too high to attract the people who need them most, and governments have proved reluctant to invest heavily in public programmes that could make a difference. But across Europe, a wide variety of innovative projects and schemes are now showing what could be a possible solution with a modicum of wit and imagination. 



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Briefing 1/2017: Energy Poverty – Nobody should have to choose between heating and eating

27 March 2017 

Energy poverty is as widespread as it is devastating for those who suffer it.  Countries with the poorest building stock have the highest rates of excess winter mortality. EU legislation requires all countries to define vulnerable customers in their energy market so they can be helped, but two thirds of the Member States have not yet done so.  The public health consequences are as grievous as they are unnecessary.



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