23rd April 2020 (09:30-10:30 CEST)

In collaboration with REC National Partners SYNERGI, DENEFF and NRP, three emerging approaches to be deployed respectively in Denmark, Germany and The Netherlands, will demonstrate the importance and potential behind deep energy renovation of buildings and the role it can play in European economic recovery in the period ahead. The goal of the discussion is to better understand good practices at national level thus helping to prepare, in advance, the actions that can be gradually put in place once the lock-downs measures will be lifted, and that will ultimately feed into a responsive Renovation Wave Initiative.


Agenda :


Adrian Joyce, Director of the Renovate Europe Campaign

Ensuring that energy renovation programmes are the heart of the economic recovery – National examples:

  • Advance Planning in Denmark by Katrine Bjerre Milling Eriksen, of SYNERGI
  • Preparing for the renovation wave in Germany by Henning Ellermann, of DENEFF
  • The Dutch approach to economic recovery by Albert de Vries, of NRP

Q&A Session

(moderated by Eva Brardinelli, REC Campaign Office)

Closing Remarks

Adrian Joyce, Director of the Renovate Europe Campaign


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