The revision of the EPBD must set the whole of the building stock in the EU on a clearly planned trajectory towards deep renovation if the EU is to meet its 2050 carbon neutrality goals.

That is why from the Renovate Europe Campaign we have considered our duty to use this period of feedback, opened by the European Commission, prior to the adoption of the directive to provide our comments.

Long-term planning towards deep renovation will guarantee that the building sector contributes its fair share towards the green transition, but it will also provide a sustainable solution to the rising energy price crisis, through a reduction of citizens’ energy needs, alongside multiple other benefits. In a time of high EU-wide public investment being channelled to energy renovation through the Recovery Funds but also potentially through the EU’s 2021-2027 MFF budget, the EPBD cannot fall short on its renovation goals.

Renovate Europe therefore raises the following concerns and proposes the following recommendations:

  • Apply Energy Efficiency First to the ZEB definition
  • Set deep renovation as the guiding principle of MEPS
  • Follow a long-term plan to strengthen the scope of MEPS to the full building stock through National Building Renovation Plans (NBRPs) and Building Renovation Passports (BRPs)
  • Better align EPCs for the deep renovation of the full building stock

Read REC’s full feedback here.