Dear Minister,

At Monday’s Energy Council, your input will be decisive in reaching a General Approach on the Energy Efficiency Directive.  In my capacity as Director of the Renovate Europe Campaign, I urge you to consider the importance of a robust Article 6 on public buildings.

Citizens look to their governments for leadership and action. Renovation is a concrete measure that will deliver long-lasting, sustainable solutions to the energy, social and climate emergency we face.

Reducing the energy demand, and therefore the energy bills, of our public buildings is a crucial step in translating political discourse on slashing energy imports into immediate action.

Against an increasingly worrying backdrop of skyrocketing energy bills, it is no longer acceptable that Europe’s leaky buildings account for the largest share of final energy consumption at a high of 40%.

Public buildings must lead the way, as a means of preparing the market and raising awareness, but also in demonstrating a tangible contribution and commitment to real change.

We therefore call on you to ensure that the public sector leads by example with

  • An agreement that 3% of public buildings owned by public bodies must be deeply renovated to become nearly zero energy buildings as soon as possible.
  • Setting minimum performance standards for all segments of public bodies, including social housing and historic buildings.  This will be important in ensuring a just transition, taking into consideration some of the most vulnerable people in society, and will also take account of the technological advances developed to cater for the specificities of historic buildings.  Historic buildings can represent up to 30% of the building stock in some countries and already feature as important element in several Long-term Renovation Strategies and National Recovery Plans.

Reducing the energy waste in Europe’s buildings is at the forefront of citizen concerns.  Governments must set the tone and lead the way by taking action on public bodies in the Energy Efficiency Directive.

The urgent need for action could not be more clear.

Yours sincerely,

Adrian Joyce

Campaign Director