Adrian Joyce, Campaign Director of the Renovate Europe Campaign, participated on the 18-19 February episode of the Euronews talk show “Brussels, my love?”.

Mr. Joyce’s intervention took place during a roundtable debate on how we can reduce the energy consumption of our homes.

As he put it, technologies and solutions to make our homes energy efficient are already available and therefore “to get all our homes fit for purpose by 2050 is realistic”.

When asked about the financial feasibility of undergoing all renovation works, Adrian Joyce referenced the good step forward that introducing innovative instruments, such as Mortgage Portfolio Standards and an EU Renovation Loan, to the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive would bring to the table. These instruments, added to the 70 billion euro that Member States have committed to invest to the energy renovation of buildings by 2026, would make the ramp up of renovations an achievable feat.

You can watch his full intervention here.

Besides this topic, the programme also touched upon the general rise in living costs and pollution generated by private aviation.

You can find the full episode below: