Workshop on the Multi-Annual Financial Framework

Knowledge Building Workshop on the use of the MFF for Energy Efficient Investments in Buildings

On the 22nd March 2012, the Renovate Europe Campaign organised in Brussels a high-level Workshop on the use of the MFF for energy efficient investment in buildings. The Workshop formed part of a series of events on financing energy efficiency in buildings that will take place in 2012.

The Workshop was by invitation only ( see Agenda ) and approximately 60 experts and stakeholders attended to share their experiences and knowledge with the Campaign and, crucially, with each other. A rich exchange of knowledge took place that has produced a series of Recommendations from the meeting.

The Workshop clarified that although there are challenges ahead, there are also many successful examples of financing instruments and partnership models on which to build in the current and future funding periods. Key elements identified include the need to understand investments in energy efficient renovations of buildings as an investment and not as a spending, the need to maintain technical assistance programmes and the need to increasingly demonstrate the benefits of investment in energy efficiency of buildings in order to reinforce the probability of higher investments in the next funding period.

Workshop Documents:


Recommendations – Press Release

Workshop Powerpoint Presentations:

Innovative Financing Needed for Europe’s Buildings
Paul Hodson, DG Energy, EC

Funding Energy Performance Projects – Experiences from the Private Sector
Adam McCarthy, Johnson Controls

Energy Efficiency in Buildings: Combining New Financial Instruments with the MFF – Example of JESSICA
Frank Lee, EIB

Technical Assistance Breaks Down Barriers – Success with ELENA
Juan Alario, EIB

Case Study – Partnership Model at Regional Level
Jose Lopez, Julien Berthier, Région Ile-de-France

Experience of Financing Energy Efficiency of Buildings in Germany
Amelie D’Souza, KfW

Workshop Organising Committee:

Adrian Joyce (Campaign Director), Susanne Dyrboel (Rockwool), David Baumgart (BASF), Julie Kjestrup (Danfoss), Céline Carré (Saint Gobain – Isover), Jonna Byskata (UTC), David Turier (Fleishman HiIllard), Laura Vanhué (Independent Expert on European Territorial Energy Efficiency)


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