The winter season and its problems associated with cold homes seem to be far behind, with the summer getting closer. However, this does not mean that the ambitious renovation of the current EU building stock does not have to be pursued. Indeed, as summer draws close, the EU becomes 100% dependent on foreign energy imports, a worrying reality that can largely be solved by pursuing a deep renovation of the existing building stock in the EU, as shown in the REC video on EU Energy Dependence Day that was screened at EUSEW.

April has been a very fruitful month for the Renovate Europe Manifesto: the Strasbourg mission brought an 11 additional MEPs to pledge to STOP ENERGY WASTE IN BUILDINGS!, maybe convinced by the narratives tailored for each Commitee explaining the opportunities linked to building renovation in the EU.

Last but not least, things are being set for REDay2015 that will focus on the message « It’s More than Renovation! ». It will bring together speakers from different fields aiming at explaining the multiple economic, social and environmental benefits that will arise for the EU through the achievement of the Renovate Europe vision of an 80% reduction in the energy demand of the existing building stock. Be part of the debate at REDay2015 on 15th October in Brussels and…

Enjoy your summer break!