The summer is coming to an end and the clouds approaching remind us that another winter is coming. Once again, the heat or eat dilemma will threaten European households; once again, the danger of cold and dark homes is coming closer and closer. The crisis in the East and our 100% energy dependence since the 18th of June this year (you can watch the REC video here if you haven’t done so already) makes the situation even more worrying. As we know, the solutions being proposed by the EU are not adequately emphasising the benefits of ambitious energy efficiency measures and the potential of the building stock still remains largely untapped. Very often, the significant, positive effects coming from deep renovation of our building stock are overlooked.

Building on the success of previous years, the fifth edition of the REDay2015 will thus focus on « It’s More than Renovation… », providing an overview of the multiple benefits that can be achieved when renovating our buildings, and seeking to convince stakeholders and decision-takers that the time is right to act decisively in favour of ambitious renovation of the building stock in the EU .

Do not miss the chance to know more about the range of the multiple benefits coming from the renovation of our homes and be part of REDay2015 on 15th October in Brussels, or join us at the REDay National events in Italy, Spain or Greece!