93 signatories for the REC Manifesto, 4 National Events, the fifth edition of REDay, characterised by high-level speakers, successful best practices from all over Europe, a broad political support and the REDay2015 calendars to take notes of the 2016 events show that another successful year for the Renovate Europe Campaign is coming to an end.
With the new ambitious climate deal from COP21 the forthcoming 2016 appears to be full of commitments to stop global warming. As you know, buildings are responsible for almost 36% of CO2 emissions in Europe and renovation could therefore be the key to make the agreed 1,5 degrees target a reality.
Before getting ready to face another busy year for energy efficiency in buildings, with the revision of the EPBD and the EED, the campaigns on fuel poverty and a consolidating Energy Union, it is time to enjoy the Christmas holidays and find the awaited presents under the Christmas tree. The same amount of presents that energy efficiency renovation of buildings can bring: health and well-being, a safe and warm place against the cold times, the security of not being forced to the choice of « heating our homes or eating », as MEP Theresa Griffin outlines in the REDay2015 Highlights Video.