Interview about joining the Renovate Europe Campaign


Interview with Bert Wijbenga, CEO of Woonbron, for the National Renovation Platform

Why did NRP  join the Renovate Europe Campaign?

NRP is a Dutch national platform, which aims to professionalize renovations of existing building stock and to improve regulatory and financial conditions to do so better and more often. Our members are parties from the whole building chain, from owners, investors, architects, consulting-engineers, builders, sub-contractors and maintenance and housekeepers. We see deep renovation and improvement of energy efficiency as a pivotal chance to pursue our goal.

How does NRP intend to contribute to the success of the Renovate Europe Campaign?

We look forward to becoming personally involved in the events, communication and campaigns. We will share our own experiences, both good or bad. We will contribute our network in the Netherlands and in Europe, to the benefit of the existing political and public campaign of Renovate Europe.

What are your expectations and how would you like to see the Renovate Europe Campaign develop in the future?

Our expectations are diverse. We hope to see Europe deliver appropriate regulations to enhance the deep renovation activity throughout the different nations. Notwithstanding the importance of lawmaking, proper funding remains quintessential and a necessary part of strengthening the deep renovation as well.

With the support of many partners in Europe, we believe this goal will be reached better and faster. And while we’re doing that together, we will learn a lot from each other. Learning from best practices in different countries in materials, design, financing, building-techniques and so on.  We look forward to meeting our new partners in Renovate Europe.


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