Why did the IGBC join the Renovate Europe Campaign?

The IGBC is the leading authority on sustainable building in Ireland. With a network of over 90 member organisations from the entire value chain of the built environment, the IGBC is working to transform the Irish construction and property sector into a global leader in quality and sustainability.

More specifically, since 2015, the IGBC has been working to build a community of experts and stakeholders to develop the V2.0 National Renovation Strategy that Ireland must deliver by April 2017 under the Energy Efficiency Directive. This work, conducted as part of the H2020 funded Build Upon project, led to the publication of a Declaration in 10 Points for a Better National Renovation Strategy.

Key stakeholders involved in the consultation process have consistently called for political leadership in this area. Furthermore, we believe that the scale of the challenge ahead is enormous and that our impact can be much bigger if we work together with other European organisations sharing similar objectives. For all these reasons, we are delighted to join the Renovate Europe Campaign. 

How does the IGBC intend to contribute to the success of the Renovate Europe Campaign?

Through Ireland’s National Renovation Strategy V.2 Consultation process, the IGBC has built a diverse community of over 150 stakeholders and experts in deep renovation. Case studies were developed, large workshops were run and considerable knowledge of the topic was gained. The IGBC team recently presented the Declaration in 10 Points for a Better National Renovation Strategy to the Irish Minister for Communications, Climate Action and Environment, Denis Naughten T.D.

Over the next months and years, the IGBC will continue to build this network, not only to co-design an ambitious national renovation strategy, but also to ensure it is implemented successfully and Ireland’s building stock is renovated at a faster rate.

Thanks to this network and expertise, we believe that we are well placed to input into Renovate Europe Campaigns and to relay them in Ireland.     

What are your expectations and how would you like to see the Renovate Europe Campaign develop in the future?

Over the last 18 months, the IGBC has been working to build a community of stakeholders and experts in deep renovation. We are now hoping to present a final set of recommendations on large scale deep renovation to Minister Naughten by the end of February 2017. In parallel, the IGBC is working on various spin-off projects that could potentially increase the rate of deep renovation in Ireland (e.g. introducing building performance leasing).   

However, we believe that political leadership is needed and that the Renovate Europe Campaign can significantly help us in raising deep renovation awareness among politicians and decision-makers. Joining an EU-wide campaign such as Renovate Europe is also a fantastic opportunity to learn from other member states. The scale of the challenge is such that cooperation and joint action at EU level is more than ever required.