What is the current status of the Building Stock in the EU?

What is the renovation potential and why is it not being realised?

How could citizens, businesses and governments benefit from a higher renovation rate in the EU?

What opportunities can be improved in EPBD and EED in order to deliver better buildings for all?

These are some of the questions that Renovate Europe, BPIE and WWF sought to answer during the Briefing Session on Buildings in the EP on the morning of Friday 10th March. The relevant documents for this Session, including the 3 PPTs presented, are below:

BPIE PPT Presentation: Overview of the Building Stock – What are the Numbers?


Renovate Europe PPT Presentation: Renovating the Building Stock – What Benefits?


WWF Europe PPT Presentation: Buildings in the EPBD & EED – What opportunities for the revisions?


Other relevant documents which provide a good overview of the buildings sector and their link to current EU legislation:


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