Renovate Europe provided its imput to the public consultations on the post-2020 MFF.


Why is Energy Renovation one of the biggest success stories of the current EU budget?

  • Energy Renovation is a people-centric policy which positively impacts citizens.
  • Energy Renovation also has undeniable economic benefits for EU businesses and for public budgets
  • Energy Renovation and the modernisation of the existing building stock creates quality jobs for local SMEs


How can Energy Renovation make the next MFF “Europe’s biggest jobs programme”?

  • Earmarking for energy efficiency and especially for energy renovation must continue in the post-2020 MFF
  • Cohesion policy investments must be better linked to Member State plans to achieve 2030 targets and to National Renovation Strategies, for example by allowing funding to be directly used to implement long-term renovation strategies in Member States.
  • Increasing energy renovation training opportunities in the next MFF, namely in the European Social Fund, will be essential to support the establishment of the green economy.


Read Renovate Europe’s submission to the public consultation on post 2020 MFF in the areas of cohesion, strategic infrastructure, and investment, research & innovation, SMEs and single market.